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NEW: Drake drops two new tracks 'When To Say When' and 'Chicago Freestyle'

Drake comes through and hits us with another surprise two-pack!

The OVO frontman has been dropping tracks in two's for quite some time, it seems that over the years he has started to pay less attention to announcing singles and just releasing them instead. The system has always worked well for him and he clearly doesn't need all that extra promo, his fans are getting an authentic release of his music. These two new records come off the back of the rapper being rumoured to be dropping an album this year, which of course many people are excited about.

Both records are cleverly put together in a music video that was directed by Drizzy's go-to guy, Theo Skurda. Many of you will notice some viral moments during the clip, like when Drake visited the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn. The Toronto icon recently hinted at releasing the new tracks on his popular interview with Rap Radar. These new songs have left fans pateitnetly waiting for his album to drop, as they are excited for the music that Drizzy has in the closet. It sounds like we are getting 'Thank Me Later' Drake back...

You can watch the new music video below and share your thoughts with us.

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