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NEW: Kodak Black - Because Of You

The Florida rapper has been in and out of jail for pretty much most of his career, despite his recent appeal against his three plus year sentence it isn't looking to good for him right now. By the time Kodak is released, he will still be in his mid twenties which is positive for him as he has plenty more time to be out and make music. For now, he is releasing music from behind the bars. The Florida artist has managed to remain consistent and in the public eye somehow during his stretch. His latest addition came on Valentines day when he dropped the new track and visual for 'Because Of You'.

The rapper continues his tradition by dropping a song for his love interest on that particular day, in the visual we see the rapper flex in his Versace. It has left many fans thinking who this track could actually be about, maybe it is a lover who he is unable to see whilst behind bars.

You can watch the new video for 'Because Of You' below

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