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REVIEW: Bad Boys For Life (2020)

It would appear the dawning of a new decade is not going to halt Hollywood's fetish for rebooting dormant franchises. The Bad Boys series looked to have been dead and buried after its ghastly second instalment, only for it to be kissed back to life by Sony.

Thankfully, Michael Bay wasn't asked along for the ride this time. And so we have Bad Boys for Life, a sequel that understands the importance of character development and is all the better for it. Sure, it's often as loud and crass as its predecessors but co-stars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are much better served by a screenplay that is far more self-aware and, dare I say it, plausible than the previous two instalments of the series.

That being said, so much of what works well in Bad Boys for Life is down to the chemistry of its aforementioned leads. Without them, the whole thing just wouldn't work as well. Though to be fair, the same can be said of pretty much any buddy cop film. What that means for the longevity of the franchise is something that can only be answered by the box-office takings of the inevitable sequel.

But, based on this evidence, another Bad Boys film wouldn't be such a bad thing.

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