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NEW: NBA YoungBoy drops two new tracks ahead of his album release ‘Fine By Time’ & ‘Knocked Off’

February 16, 2020

The Baton Rouge artist NBA YoungBoy is easily one of the most consistent artists in the game right now and not just in terms of quantity, but the quality of his sound is up there too. The way he drops music, you would think he lives in the studio. He has proven himself to be a powerful force on social media, especially his YouTube as he sits up there with the top artists with the highest video views. Ahead of his album he decides to drop off two new records and even one new music video for ‘Fine By Time’ and ‘Knocked Off’.



‘Fine By Time’ serves as a record that combines YB’s melodies with his heavy hitting bars, showing his street knowledge on the record. This record will be the one that most of his fans gravitate to in my opinion. Unlike ‘Knocked Off’ the rapper gifts his fans with the official music video for ‘Fine By Time’ which you can stream below.



‘Knocked Off’ is the darker track out of the two and it’s clear to see that the rapper embraces his lack of remorse on this track as he raps “I just tried to kill another n*gga the other day.” Then goes on to talk about his riches “I just got another half a million up in my bank” and you can beat that the majority of that money is from streaming as the rapper is barely allowed to do shows. You can stream the audio for ‘Knocked Off’ below.





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