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NEW ALBUM: Chillinit – The Octagon

ChillinIt reveals his brand new album ’The Octagon’ revealing his tumultuous lifestyle and his journey into the limelight. He is the most successful and exciting hip-hop artist to emerge out of Australia and one of the most revered new rappers in the Southern Hemisphere. With Australia’s vibrant rap scene growing, ChillinIt has built up dedicated following and plenty of fans in the U.K.


1. Ready For The Pain

2. Soulmates & Strippers (Wait For It)

3. Laying Low

4. Lights Off ft. Lil Dijon

5. Love Is Hard

6. 230 Pounds

7. Interlude (Mama)

8. Same Old Brothers

9. Bleed For You

10. Your Side, My Side, The Truth

From the tightly-wound, unbridled bars of 'Laying Low' to the rustic, broken melodies of 'Love Is Hard', The Octagon sees ChillinIt expand his vocal range and writing style with confidence; with production also ranging from the bombastic '230 Pounds' to gentle acoustic strums of 'Mama'. The Octagon is largely a one-man show, with the sole guest feature coming from Lil Dijon of Sydney boy band Triple One, who provides the overcast hook for 'Lights Off'.

You can stream ‘The Octagon’ in full below.

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