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NEW: Kamakaze - Memories - Prod by. Swick - Visuals by. Gugzay

After making serious waves with their popular track 'BLG', Kamakaze and Swick are back with more greatness for us. It is clear to see that the pairing have found a winning formula in the studio, and as they both embark on exciting 2020's it is only right that they gift us the magic that they've been cooking up.

Photography by. Joe Vozza | @vzavz

The latest installment is entitled 'Memories', and this one see's Kam flow effortlessly over an up beat production from the Australian creative. Reminiscing on his childhood in his bars, Kamakaze shows us once again why he is held in such high regard within the UK scene, and there is no doubt that this one will be getting serious love.

As per usual, the visuals that accompany Kamakaze's new offering come in at the highest quality, and we must give props to Gugzay who is the man behind this well crafted music video.

Check out 'Memories' now!

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