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NEW: A Class - Trapped In Freestyle - Prod by. Maintayne - Directed by. ReadTheTitle

He's steady making a name for himself as one of the fastest rising acts to be coming out of the 0121, and after spending some time mastering his craft as a producer, A Class, has recently been showing his ability as an all round artist. We all know that he cook up the coldest beats, and judging off the levels off this new drop, it is clear to see that he can lace them with the waviest raps and flows as well.

This new drop is entitled the 'Trapped In Freestyle', and it is no surprise that this one is getting love. A Class lets gifted producer, Maintayne, take the reigns on this one as he constructs an infectious, bouncy production which allows the 0121 talent to come through and showcase his ability with the pad and pen. Dropping off some expertly crafted raps, there is no doubt that this one will increase the hype around his name for 2020, and the team here at CGuk can't wait to see what else he has lined up.

Huge props must be sent out to ReadTheTitle, who has once again chopped up a cinematic, high quality music video arrives exclusively via A Class' YouTube channel.

Check it out below!

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