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LIVE: Deno | O2 Institute, Birmingham | #Eye2EyeTour

He has become one of the most successful young artists to come out of the UK scene in some time now, and at the tender age of 17, Deno is already building the foundations for an incredible career, which will continue to develop for years to come. We've seen him create some of the most infectious hits in recent times including, 'Pumpy', 'Motorola', 'Advice' and many more, and it was only right that he took them on tour up and down the UK.

On the Birmingham leg of his tour, the Young King brought through a fresh upcoming 0121 talent who he has previously shown love to. Ace2Bait is a fast rising act who has been making waves so far, and as soon as he stepped on to the stage he brought energy, and vibes which captivated the crowd. Each and every track had the audience screaming for more, leaving them more than ready for the headline act. Ace was then followed by Lyco & Wxyne and another one of Birmingham's hottest acts, Miss LaFamilia. The rising star has created a selection of hits which she shut down with, and if Ace, Lyco & Wxyne wasn't enough, then those in attendance were definitely ready for Deno now.

It was time for Deno to take to the stage, and unsurprisingly the crowd went in to raptures. Performing a selection of his hits, as well as the freestyles that pushed him into the limelight, the show gave a true reflection of his journey so far, whilst also showcasing the elevation and development in Deno not as only as an artist, but a human being.

There is no doubt that the tour has been a success, and if the Birmingham show was anything to go by, then it won't be long until he is travelling the country again, and potentially Europe very soon.

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