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NEW: YBN Nahmir - Talkin

The rap scene in Alabama is reaching new heights and YBN Nahmir is at the forefront of this movement, along with NoCap, Clever and a few others. Nahmir continues to impress us with his street bangers, after the rapper remained fairly quiet throughout 2019, it is good to hear him releasing new material. The 20 year old rapper bounces back with his new single ‘Talkin’ to start the year right and hopefully shows sign of more music to come this year.

It had been months since he released any music and his fans will be excited to hear his new addition, he follows the pattern from his previous hits and goes for a short two minute display. He sharpens his flows and reminds us that he is still one of the hottest from Alabama.

You can listen to his new track ‘Talkin’ below and share your thoughts with CGuk.

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