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Step In To 2020 With Pretty Little Thing's Gym Collection!

Party season is officially over, and the new decade has begun. So it’s out with the old, and in with the new… which means making positive changes for a better year. It’s so cliché but fitness is at the top of a lot of people’s list with making changes, myself being one of those people! So I’m here to show you the latest gym wear I’ve been loving on Pretty Little Thing at the minute, that you can still look fashionable whilst working out!

Purple Set (Top £12, Leggings £15)

Turquoise Set (Crop Top £12, Leggings £18)

Teal Set (Bralet £12, Leggings £20)

Black/Grey Set (Bralet £12, Leggings £20)

Pink PLT Dumbbells (£8)

Black/Peach Set (Crop Top £15, Leggings £18)

Sweatband (£4)

Gym Bag (£28)

Pink Set (Crop Top £12, Cycling Shorts £12)

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