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The Launch of Curtis Meredith Music

January 12, 2020

Birmingham DJ and Music Producer Curtis Meredith has been putting in work to showcase his talents as a producer after establishing himself in the DJ scene. Meredith's next move is launching his YouTube channel which will be kick starting next week on Sunday 19th January. Curtis has confirmed that the first video to launch his channel will be from his new series 'STREET STORIES' where he will invite some huge names to freestyle over beats produced by himself. He took to Instagram to announce the news and told his followers that he already has 7 'Street Stories' completed. Keep your eyes peeled out for the launch on Sunday to find out who the first rapper of the series will be...


Curtis has been putting in work for some time now, playing at the biggest venues in Birmingham and other cities in the UK. His DJing has even taken him overseas, in 2019 he started putting on his own sold out events in various clubs within Birmingham City Centre. It will be interesting to watch his next moves as a music producer and see his YouTube channel progress.



Find Curtis on Social Media


Instagram - @curtismeredithh

Twitter - @CurtisMeredithh

Events - @yocurtisevents



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