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NEW: Meg Thee Stallion & Normani – Diamonds

A lot of fans were pleased when they heard that Meg Thee Stallion and Normani would be collaborating on a record for the Birds of Prey soundtrack. The duo come from similar backgrounds, as Normani grew up in the southern city just like Meg. You can hear the chemistry on their new collab ‘Diamonds’ which will feature on a film that celebrates strong women – it is the perfect fit!

A few days ago they showcased the cover art and now they have finally decided to release the track, which has been sending females all across the internet crazy. This track is sure to be a hit with the ladies, taking the ‘diamond are a girl’s best friend’ theme. The two artists showcase their talents, while getting that movie soundtrack bag and come through with a record to hype up other females.

You can listen to ‘Diamonds’ below and share your thoughts on the track

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