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NEW VIDEO: Tiny Boost - Scarred For Life - Prod by. 80s Baby - Directed by. NuJae - #StreetDreams

SN1 rapper, Tiny Boost, ended 2019 with a brand new mixtape under his belt, and 'Street Dreams' most definitely saw the London raised act solidify his status as one of the hardest UK rappers in the game. We've seen him go from strength to strength over the years, but the latest body of work saw him raise the bar, and we can now appreciate some visuals from the project.

Photography by. AzCaptures

This time round it is the closing track that gets the movie treatment. 'Scarred For Life' see's Boost pour his heart and soul into the 80s Baby production, delivering some powerful raps which make for an impactful track which perfectly wraps up the well-crafted 14 track body of work. Now, with such a expertly constructed track, it was vital that the music video matched the levels and who else than NuJae to come through and ensure the job was done correctly.

Check it out below, and stream 'Street Dreams' if you haven't done so already.

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