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NEW: Quando Rondo ft. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & 2 Chainz - Bad Vibe

We are only a few days into 2020 and already rappers are in a race to establish their presence in this new decade, it seems like we will get plenty of releases this month. We get one of our first heavy collaboration of the year as Quando Rondo decides to add his stamp on 2020. The rapper drops 'Bad Vibe' which is only available for select international streaming services at the moment, but it is designed to be the 'lead single' in what we can expect to be a new project from Rondo. 'Bad Vibe' features two artists who was quiet during 2019 but still remain on top, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and 2 Chainz.

Quando starts the record, showing he has got his eyes on the prize "You're the only one keep my demons tame, I swear you grow up, but you never change" he raps. Before A Boogie blesses the track with his sound, it is certainly good to hear the NY rapper feature on this track and hopefully he will keep the work rate up this year, as all the fans want new music from him. Tity Boi closes the track and ends the track with a witty bar "Are you a real ass bitch or a fake ass? cause you could still be a real bitch with a fake ass."

You can stream 'Bad Vibe' below and share your thoughts with us.

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