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NEW: Tyler, The Creator - Best Interest

IGOR proved to be a pivotal moment in Tyler's career, creating that refined sound he has been moving towards for years and the album went down well with the fans too. Whenever the rapper gets interviewd he does not shy away from his love for 70's soul music and how much that influences him today and that is clear to hear in his sound on IGOR. Today the rapper comes through and shares a new track and probably his last track of the year 'Best Interest'

This track is a "rough draft that did not make IGOR" but still will be consumed by his die hard fan base, we hear Tyler sing and rap in various altered voices. The rapper tweeted about the how the video was made "Told the homie to just start filming, I was lip synicing to no muisic, was surprised when it synced up perfecttly."

You can watch 'Best Interest' below and share your thoughts on the new clip.

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