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NEW: Blueface - Finesse The Beat

Ever since Blueface blew up onto our scene, people have constantly been talking about his flow not being on beat, some people admired it whereas some people didn’t rate it at all. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny his position in the game and how he has worked his way to the top. The rapper returns to the scene before the year is out to drop his new single ‘Finesse The Beat’ and you can probably guess what this one is about.

This new track finds the rapper talking about how always manages to win his battle with the beats, will this feature on his debut album? One thing we know is that this track would certainly fit the album theme as he calls it ‘Find The Beat’. The rapper has been promising this album for a while now and after missing the previous release date of December 6th, we are unsure when it will drop - presumably early 2020.

You can stream 'Finesse The Beat' below

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