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The Last Jedi positioned Rian Johnson as one of Hollywood's most divisive directors, and Knives Out does little to dispel that notion. It's a film that you will either love or hate, an unapologetic love letter to the murder mystery genre that features a talented cast hamming it up (and having an absolute blast doing so). Standing head and shoulders above all else in the OTT stakes is Daniel Craig in the role of Benoit Blanc, a revered private detective described by one of his suspects as CSI: KFC.

Craig is about as far removed from James Bond as he possibly could be and seemingly loving it, though it is disputable whether he has the comedic chops for this sort of affair. One thing that is for certain is the talent of Ana de Armas, whose star shines brightest in Knives Out despite her being one of the cast's least established members. As for the screenplay (an original piece written by Johnson), it follows all the tropes of its genre while also dicing with some of the political issues which have dominated the American narrative since Donald Trump's election. Again, whether this works is a topic for discussion - at times, the points made are subtle while at other times it is incredibly ham-fisted.

Nonetheless, I was entertained from beginning to last despite seeing the final twist come a mile off.

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