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WORKOUT: Shoulders & Chest

These first steps are key to your workout:

1. Warm up on cross trainer 5 minutes. Using the handles at all times

2. Before each exercise, chose a light weight and do 20 reps to fill the muscles with blood.

Front Raises

(Using DBs)

Singles into doubles

4 sets of 8/8/8

So do 8 reps on your left arm, into 8 reps on your right arm and then both arms together at the same time for 8 reps-those ones will feel a lot heavier!!

Nice squeeze at the point of contraction on these.

Plant feet-Core tight, no swinging.

Incline Bench Press

4 sets of 8

Heavy as you can manage!

Example of Incline Bench Press

Rear Delt Flye Machine

Triple dropset

3 x 10/10/failure

So I want you to chose a very heavy weight but you must be able to do 10 reps with it, then drop the weight down slightly and do 10 more reps, then down to a fairly light weight and go until failure.

Incline Dumbbell Flyes Supersetted with Guillotine Press (Dumbbells touching in front of your chest-these hit upper chest)

4 x 10/10

(So 10 flyes and then go straight into 10 guillotine presses)

Nice and controlled, good stretch and squeeze on your flyes.

"More range of motion=more muscle fibres activated"

Lateral Raises

(Using Dumbbells)

Triple Dropset (3 diff weights)

3 x 10/10/10

eg. 14, 12, 10kgs

Do 10 reps on each weight.

Starting with heaviest to lightest, no rest in between.

Example of Seated Lateral Raises

Incline Bench Cable Flyes

(Lying down on an incline bench between the cables)

Bring your hands together above your chest. On each rep, at point of contraction, give those pecs a good squeeze)

4 sets of 12

Heavy as you can manage with strict form!

Upright Rows

Using the smith machine to go heavy on!

Superset close grip into wide grip

4 x 8/8

(So do 8 reps close grip straight into 8 reps wide grip-No rest in between. 16 reps equals 1 set!)

Build up increasing your weight over the weeks. Plant feet, keep core engages-always good form. Bar up under your chin!

Pec Flye Machine

4 x 10/AMRAP

So do 10 HEAVY reps then drop the weight you did by half and do "As many reps as possible"

Try to go heavier each set!!

Example of Pec Flye Machine

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