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NEW ALBUM: Lancey Foux - Friend Or Foux

Now, it has been an incredible breakthrough year for London based talent, Lancey Foux. Despite making serious waves on the underground circuit for some time now, 2019 has most definitely been the year that the wider world had their eyes opened to just how talented Lancey is, and as he prepares for an even bigger 2020, he is signing off with the release of a brand new project entitled 'Friend Or Foux'.


1. Slow Burn

2. Elon Musk

3. Whole Other Wave

4. Psykeman

5. Ghetto Yout ft. Bakar & Monkey

6. Better Alone

7. Dead & Gone

8. Take Some More

9. Say Nun, Ain't Nun

10. When I Call ft. Kesh

11. Girl At Home

12. India

13. Right Now

14. Dream

15. Psykenight ft. Skepta & Chip

16. So Free

17. Raining Red

18. Where's Lancey

19. So Psyked!

20. Life & Death ft. Kesh & Suave Sinatra

Lancey has blessed us with 20 tracks of the highest order. All of which form an extensive project which perfectly showcase Lancey's style, sound and more importantly creative ability. The talented artist has become increasingly popular on an international scale, and the release of 'Friend Or Foux' is only set to enhance his growing profile even further. With help from the likes of Kesh, Suave Sinatra, Bakar, and popular London rappers, Skepta, Chip and 67's Monkey, there is no doubt that this album has a little something for everyone, while he still stays true to his artistry.

Be sure to check it out right now via the link below, and let us know if you're feeling this body of owkr.

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