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NEW: DJ Lewis ft. Phundo Art - Pantsula - Prod by. DJ Lewis - Directed by. Metellus Guenzy

We all know that South African raised talent, Phundo Art, has an international appeal when it comes to his diverse, unique sounds, and as he continues to build his profile on an international scale, the gifted lyricist is back with an exciting new collaboration which see's him join forces with upcoming talent, DJ Lewis.

The Paris based DJ crossed paths with the UK residing rapper, and once again Phundo has delivered the goods. We've seen him work alongside creatives from many corners of the world in the past, so it is no surprise that he has ventured further into Europe to develop his sound.

'Pantsula' is the title of the collaboration, and this one see's the duo pay homage to Phundo's origins. 'Pantsula' is a tradition and also a highly energetic dance form that originated in the black townships of South Africa during the apartheid era. Now, it makes sense as to why the vibes on this one are so uplifting, be sure to check it out below and appreciate the levels he has set with the bars and flows.

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