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NEW: Lil Poppa - Gods Hand

Lil Poppa follows up to ‘On My Own’ with the release of ‘Gods Hand!’

Lil Poppa's been bubbling up in the South with singles like "Eternal Living" and "Dangerous" which have both amassed millions of YouTube. With a new project on the way, the Jacksonville, FL based rapper returned with his new single, "God's Hand." The follow-up to "On My Own" has Poppa on a melancholic vibe as he reflects on the losses and wins he's taken over the years. "I'm a fiend for the weed, I like to stay high/ Two Js to start the day, just to get by/ Took a 10 out the bank just to get fly," he raps over church organs while dishing out on his insecurities.

His forthcoming EP, which he has yet to reveal a title for, is due out before the end of the year. You can stream the new track below

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