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NEW VIDEO: Lil Baby - Woah - Directed by. Edgar Esteves

QC rapper Lil Baby has proven himself as one of the biggest names in US rap right now, he has been on top of his game for almost two years now and he doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Whilst this year has been a lot quieter than 2018, he has still been putting out heat this year, we are just yet to receive a project. 'Woah' has certainly been his biggest single this year and it has pleased the masses, attaching a popular dance to the record. After a few weeks of the track being out, Baby decides to gift us with the visuals for the hit single.

In the 'Woah' visuals we see Baby running donuts in the parking lot with his close friends, as they gather in the a car park showing off their expensive whips. It is clear to see that Lil Baby has tried to appeal to the dance fans with this video and I am sure we will see a lot of choreography for 'Woah'. This new record and video sets the rapper up to start 2020 in full force as we can expect a new album from his during the earlier parts of the year.

You can watch the official music video for 'Woah' below.

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