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My Favourite Instagram Brands...

As my previous post was introducing my new brand, I think it’s only right we keep on topic and discuss my other favourite brands on Instagram for 2019. I think it’s essential we support our small businesses in every way possible, because just like a few I have listed below, these unique and creative individuals are going to the pave the way in the fashion/beauty market for the future.


Birmingham based brand Svelte, launched just this year in 2019 but has become one of my most loved Instagram brands to date. This brand came on the scene and just killed it with every drop. The pieces are limited edition stock, and not to mention they are the most unique designs I have ever saw – so as you can image the hype is real every time she brings something new out. It’s so easy to create a brand nowadays, and just follow the crowd but Svelte has created a whole new lane for herself and it setting an example for how other brands should be doing it! Keep an eye out for this brand on Instagram, they really will be moving on to big things!


A London based shoe brand, came on the scene around the same time as Svelte. Again this is another brand, setting the bar even higher! The brand first launched with the ‘Snake Lace Heel’ which blew up all over Instagram, the likes of Jayde Pierce and so many more social media influencers jumped on the wave… it was definitely the shoe of the summer 2019! She has now recently launched a second completely unique, never been done before design. The ‘Kimberly’ boot… a slouchy leather boot with a detachable perspex fold, another statement shoe for A/W. This is definitely another brand to watch out for in 2020 I’m sure she will also be on some BIG things!



London based women’s clothing brand, WMNS WEAR is in a league of their own. The limited edition athleisure style brand has made such a statement this year as they maintain such a spot on, relevant aesthetic for the modern day woman. The brand itself is really big on female empowerment and making clothing for a woman to feel good and most importantly look good, which is very refreshing to see nowadays. The brand was recently featured in the advert for the Simmi Shoes x Valiki Sisters collaboration that launched just last month.



Birmingham based lash brand which has just launched this this November is going to be a one to watch brand for 2020. Providing a lash style for everyone, something a lot of lash brands sometimes lack, this brand is really onto big things. The marketing has been spot on all throughout the launch and before, and you could really get a feel for the passion and love behind the idea of the brand. For me, this is something I majorly look out for when investing into a brand, you want to see that desire and determination and with that you get nothing but good results back. With that being said, this brand is due to expand into a range of different products in the new year so do stay tuned for this one!


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