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LIVE: Giggs | O2 Academy, Birmingham | #TheTour

After years of seeing his shows shut down, Giggs is now in a position where he can take his catalogue on tour, and finally give the fans exactly what they want. The Peckham raised star has had an incredible career thus far, and it is great to see him finally reaping the full rewards for what he has done for the UK scene, and culture.

Currently standing at the top of the scene, Giggs' tour was always going to be a sell out occasion, and that was the case when he landed in the 0121 last week. After spending the beginning of November travelling across Europe, Hollowman kicked off the UK leg in Newcastle before heading to Bristol. Both shows lead up to what was going to be a weekend thriller at the O2 Academy in Birmingham, and it is safe to say that he put on a huge show for us.

Photography by. Vivek Prabakaran

The format of the show had shutdown written all over it, with some of the scenes hottest acts warming up for the SN1 figure head. We had Tiny Boost, Ms Banks, Ambush and Sneakbo all deliver heavyweight sets before the People's Prince, Charlie Sloth took to the decks to raise the energy levels even higher.

It was clear to see that the people of Birmingham were ready for Giggs to showcase his extensive catalogue of bangers, and what a set it was. The new album 'Big Bad' played a big part in the set, but it was vital that the fans were given some live performances of tracks from 'The Landlord', and 'Wamp 2 Dem', and that is without including hits from earlier projects such as 'Walk In Da Park', 'Let Em Ave It' and 'When Will It Stop'. We were given the opportunity see Giggs flow through his back catalogue, showing us just how many hits he has provided over the years.

There were a number of stand out moments for me. First being the performance of 'The Essence'. A track which really saw Giggs strip it back to the bare basics, delivering those laid back flows over a powerful, mellow production, and to see it live in the flesh really gives you a deeper connection to the track, and Giggs' journey. With that being said, it was the bangers that really got the crowd going. The South London rapper brings an undeniable energy to his performances. He completely owns the stage, and single handedly controls the crowd. 'Where & When' and '3 Wheel Ups' lifted the crowd to new levels before he applied the finishing touches with tracks such as 'No Long Talk', 'KMT', 'Look What The Cat Dragged In', and of course 'Talkin Da Hardest'. But, this must not take away from the party vibe that was created energetic performances of the feel good tracks such as 'Lock Doh' and 'Peligro'.

Giggs' catalogue really has allowed him to provide the biggest shows that the UK scene has witnessed, and it is clear to see that all those years of being held back, he is giving it all back to his fans with nothing but energy and uplifting vibes. After seeing him shut down Made Festival back in 2017, and seeing him this year after the continued growth and elevation, I will comfortably say that he is one of the best acts I have seen live.

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