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NEW: Abra Cadabra - Remember Me? - Prod by. M1OnTheBeat - Directed by. Teeeezy C

It's been a while since we received new music from Abra Cadabra, and after a brief hiatus from the rap game, the London raised talent is making a comeback with the brand new single 'Remember Me?'. We all remember the buzz that Abra Cadabra built up with the smash hit 'Robbery', and now it is time to continue building his profile as we approach 2020.

The unique sound and style that Abz brings to the game has been missed, and it is only right that he comes back with the heat. This new track see's him deliver those dark flows over a cold production from M1OnTheBeat, letting everybody know that he is back and ready to climb to the top of the game.

Huge props have to be sent out to Teeeezy C who has ensured the comeback arrives with a high quality music video which is now available via Mixtape Madness.

Check it out below, and be sure to let us know if you're feeling it.

#AbraCadabra #RemmeberME #M1OnTHeBeat #TeeeezyC #CreativeGenUK #CGuk

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