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NEW VIDEO: Kanye West - Closed On Sunday - Directed by. Jake Schreier

On thanksgiving Kanye decided to come through with an offering for his fans, yet another new music video from his latest album. Ever since 'Jesus Is King' has been on rotation the rapper has gifted us with the 'Follow God' visual which was hot topic of the internet. Shock, Ye has done it again this time he showcases the 'Closed On Sunday' video with a lot of famous faces.

It appears that Mr. West is keeping up the family theme throughout his music videos as we see the whole Kardashian in this clip, not just Kim and his children. We get to see Kris Jenner is a Ye visual, stepping out of a futuristic military ATV, as he brings along the Sunday Service to assist him. He goes on a brief monologue about his father at the end of the video, which was very fitting as he featured him in the visual as they went through the desert.

You can watch the 'Closed On Sunday' video below and watch out for the cameos.

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