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LIVE: D-Block Europe | O2 Academy, Birmingham | #PTSDTour

D-Block Europe have been the talk of the UK music scene for a while, maintaining their position in UK rap by consistently dropping material. On Wednesday 20th November they visited the O2 Academy in Birmingham, as part of their PTSD tour. The mixtape that featured the likes of; Lil Baby, Dave, Jack Boy, AJ Tracey, Chip and more. After their multiple Wirless sets it was interesting to see how DBE would perform to a much more intimate crowd.

Image by. Times Media

Before the live show the CGuk team went backstage to interview HEX who has been supporting Young Adz and LB throughout the PTSD Tour. HEX spoke about his influences, who he would like to collab with, the previous PTSD tour dates, working with Adz and LB and more. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to watch our sit down with HEX and his live opening performance.

Image by. Times Media

If you have listened to any of the 'PTSD' project, you know the type of records that they have to perform, bringing energy to the O2 Academy. They performed their hit records; Nookie, Home Pussy, Outside, Kitchen Kings and more. After seeing them do 50,000 people at Wirleless it was crazy to see how they can switch it up and do a much smaller venue. They brought a lot of vibes, as they have the catalog to have the crowd singing every lyric. Half way through their performance, they brought out a new young talent, GeeYou who has blown of his records; AMG & Moschino. His music is similar to D-Block's it suited the rest of their show before they came out to do the last half of their show.

Image by. Times Media

The rappers were scheduled to have a few dates left of the show, which is uncertain at the moment as LB has only just came out of hospital. We wish the rapper a quick recovery and hope they can do the rest of their dates.

Look out for our interview with HEX via YouTube this month -

Image by. Times Media

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