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  • Demi McPhillips - @demimcphillips


Introducing GALORE, a Birmingham-based accessories brand that’s about to take the industry by storm, launching today. What started out as just a topic of conversation, a brainstorming idea, a food for thought… soon become a vision which turned into a reality. With the combined love for fashion, especially all things accessories – GALORE was born.

A brand between two best friends, created so organically, and produced so naturally… everything down the product choice to the content created for the social media is all home grown, DIY jobs which just shows the total love, passion and careful thought goes on behind the scenes. A precise aesthetic and brand image, achieved so effortlessly. Which doesn’t go unnoticed, the brand has received so much love and support already with a daily sneak-peak drops of the products for the last 7 days prior to the launch on 1st December.

The aim: “to give you only the best show-stopping accessories on the market to be the cherry on top of your outfits – giving you ‘everything you need to complete your look’”

This is only the beginning for GALORE, 2020 will see major expansion into a wider choice of product and as the writer of this blog post and the CO-OWNER OF GALORE I promise you it’ll only get better and we are so excited to give you the most unique pieces to bring your looks together!! Thank you for reading and supporting and if you haven’t already checked us out, our first drop is now LIVE over on

Instagram: @official.galore

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