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NEW VIDEO: DaBaby – BOP on Broadway (Hip Hop Musical) - Directed by. Reel Goats

Ever since dropped his No.1 album ‘KIRK’ DaBaby has been on a journey, performing all over the world and receiving some plaques along the way. The rapper has consistent work rate that works well for his fan base, after releasing some visuals from the tape, he has another one for us. The North Carolina artist has officially released the ‘BOP (Hip-Hop Musical).

Kick starting in the streets of New York City, the Billion Dollar Baby was spotted doing some dodgy business with his friends before having the cops pull up on him. Before a dance party breaks out in the middle of traffic, as Baby slowly merges back onto the scene when he spots one womans dancing skills. The visual ends with the rapstar informing us that the story isn’t actually complete “To be continued you bitch ass” “Give us a few days” it writes.

You can watch the ‘BOP’ visual below and stay tuned for the next part the rapper has up his sleeve

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