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NEW: DigDat ft. D Block Europe - New Dior - Prod by. RXR - Visuals by. Myles Suave

This new drop comes in courtesy of two of the hottest acts in the UK right now. DigDat has rapidly become one of the most promising acts the scene has to offer, while D Block Europe seem to turn everything they touch in to gold. With so much hype surrounding DigDat, Adz and LB we can now see them collaboratively push some fresh new content which comes in the form of a brand new single entitled 'New Dior'.

The trio come together over a production from RXR, and it is safe to say that this one will be doing up huge numbers. DigDat steps in with some of those heavy hitting flows which have turned so many heads, while Adz and LB create that infectious vibe which has shaped and shifted the UK culture in so many ways.

'New Dior' is already doing up numbers following it's premiere on GRM Daily, and with the trio setting levels on the sonics, it was only right that Myles Suave came through with a high quality music video.

Check it out now!

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