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NEW VIDEO: Kanye West – Follow God - Directed by. Jake Schreier

This week Kanye took his video to New York City to showcase a portion of his new clip to hear his fans opinions. The rapper has done a few exclusive interviews since releasing his highly anticipated album ‘Jesus Is King’, one with Big Boy and the other with Zane Lowe from Beats 1. Many people would agree that ‘Follow god’ was one of the standout tracks and has been spoken about on the internet quite a lot.

During the clip the rapper takes us through a part of West Ranch in Wyoming, him and Ray West ride through snowy fields. If you got a chance to go and watch the IMAX showing of the ‘Jesus Is King’ film, you will recognise the cinematography is very similar in the ‘Follow God’ video.

You can watch the new video below and share your thoughts.

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