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NEW: KSI ft. Rick Ross, Lil Baby & S-X – Down Like That

Just days before his fight KSI decided to turn the heat up a little with a new track for his fans, while many think that was a dumb move to be distracted leading up to the fight. The YouTuber proved himself to the world by beating Logan Paul in their first professional fight. This isn’t actually KSI’ first track as he has released solo music and collaborations before. However, with his latest single ‘Down Like That’ could put his name into many more households.

KSI confidently opens the track, while Rick Ross comes in for the second verse quickly checking in with his fans. Lil Baby comes through as always to add his stamp on the single “You know I fuck with Ross I even went and bought the block, a hundred million dollars strong.” One moment that stood out for me was the opportunity local musician SX was given. He handles the hook perfectly and really puts on for his city of Wolverhampton amongst the biggest stars in the world.

You can listen to the new track ‘Down Like That’ below

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