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Regardless of whether there was a need to conclude Jesse Pinkman's arc, El Camino feels like a satisfying end (or continuation, depending on how you interpreted the final scene) to the Breaking Bad story. Vince Gilligan indulges all of his vices and serves up a tense two-hour film that feels reminiscent of some of the series most talked-about episodes.

Twists and turn abound as Pinkman, shaken by his time in captivity, desperately seeks a fresh start away from the trappings of his past life. Aaron Paul may well have been typecast throughout most of his post-BB career but there is no doubt that Jesse was a career-making role for him. He gives everything he's got in this swansong, adding new dimensions to a character that continually evolved throughout the series. With many of the show's other leading characters now being dirt in the ground, he is asked to carry El Camino and does a sterling job. Though a special mention should be given to the late Robert Forster, who pretty much steals the show during his brief cameo. A talent that will be sorely missed, in many ways his appearance in EC serves as a reminder that, despite Gilligan's excellent original story, BB was always charged by its fine, mostly unsung cast. On this evidence, Gilligan is only too aware of that and this standalone film is all the better for it.

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