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“Nothing Into Something” - The Growth & Elevation Of Birmingham Brand, Hoodrich

Being a Birmingham-based platform, it is only right we talk about the people that are putting Birmingham on the map for us. Hoodrich has been doing just that for a while now, and they have recently revealed that their brand is now going to be available to buy in JD stores up and down the country.

Last year we saw the brand launch in 20 Footaslyum stores across the UK, but let’s take it back to the start… A brand that started out in 2014, as an underground street wear brand with a £200 start-up, ran solely by Jay Williams himself, soon turned into a lifestyle, a way of life for a lot of people.

The brand has grown massively over the last couple of years, and many famous faces have caught on, people like rapper Mist, Giggs, Dizzee Rascal, producer London On Da Track, and Birmingham-based talent Jaykae have all been seen repping the brand. But one thing that was another potential stand out moment of 2019 for the brand was American rapper 50 Cent wearing Hoodrich, on not one but two occasions. The brand is now worldwide and everyone is catching on to it.

The story behind the brand is very much inspiring, and it is great to see some Birmingham-based talent putting the city on the map for us all and potentially inspiring many others to go out there and do the same. The brands mantra “nothing to something” has really shown that with hussle and dedication, that the come up from nothing can be accomplished, and Jay has done just that.

Let’s have a look over at some of the products that are in the JD stores now.

You can shop their full range over at JD here!

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