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NEW VIDEO: DaBaby – Off The Rip - Directed by. Reel Goats

Ever since DaBaby emerged onto our scene, he had impressed the fans with his wild visuals and the way his camera crew are able to capture the best moments. For a new artist, he has shown work rate like he has been in the game for years, constantly on the road doing tours and releasing a tonne of new music. His latest album ‘KIRK’ has been performing excellently and whether you like him or not, there’s no denying his wave right now. The rapper decides to gift his fans with a visual off his debut album, as he drops the official music video for ‘Off The Rip’.

‘Off The Rip’ was one of the stand out records off his album, which is why it makes sense for him to release the music video. You probably already guessed, but DaBaby brings his vibes for the video, dancing around and flexing throughout the clip. The rapper never fails to showcase his personality through his videos. The video is just as up-tempo as the song, if you like his other videos you are sure to like this one.

You can watch his latest music video below and share your thoughts with us.

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