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NEW: 21 Savage – Immortal - Prod by. Kid Hazel

Some of you gamers will have heard a snippet of 21’s latest studio effort, as his song was previewed at the start of the trailer to the new Mortal Kombat game. Prior to this, he informed us all that he was ready for all the smoke on this new track, well finally it has arrived. 21 comes through on Halloween to drop ‘Immortal’ to kick start your days correct.

He didn’t give fans much warning as he dropped it several hours after the announcement, it certainly didn’t take long for the internet and streaming services to catch on. Savage showcases his fast-paced raps and adlibs and kept it real throughout the track. This new track hopefully marks a comeback for the ATL star, as he has been quiet within the scene recently.

You can listen to ‘Immortal’ below

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