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One Recipe I've Tried For A Detox Cleanse...

I found that practising mindfulness and meditation was only part of obtaining real happiness . What you feed your body you become - literally every 35 days your skin replaces itself and makes new cells from the food you eat. I’m not saying put the Hennessy bottle down (unless you're an alcoholic) but balance is key. A few juices here and there doesn’t make you a pussy.

One recipe that I’ve tried for a detox cleanse is: (as pictured above)

One banana

One green apple

Some grated ginger

Almond milk

2 Celery sticks



Chai seeds

Some herbs that help with anxiety include:

St.Johns Wort (my preferred way is capsules but be careful if you are on any other medication as this can interupt it’s effectiveness)

Chamomile (best taken as a herbal tea)

Lavender (best as an essential oil - I like it on my pillow)

Peppermint (best to chew on)

Coriander (raw on top of food)

Some water tips include:

Cucumber, lemon, mint : Clearer skin

Apple, cinnamon stick : Metabolism booster

Cucumber, lemon, mint, ginger : Stomach bloat

Cucumber, grapefruit : Weight loss

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