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LIVE: Kano | Town Hall, Birmingham | #HoodiesAllSummer

If Kano touched greatness with 2016's Made In The Manor, his 2019 release Hoodies All Sumer was affirmation of his status as one of grime's premier MCs.

At a packed Town Hall in Birmingham, the Top Boy co-star treated fans to a setlist that celebrated both albums. Beginning with three of the standout tracks from HAS (Free Years Later, Good Youtes Walk Amongst Evil and Trouble) he immediately had an eclectic crowd bouncing.

Photography by. Gunjit Singh

Excitement went through the roof when a premature Class of Deja wheeled into the classic P's and Q's, before the setlist introduced some tunes from MITM.

This Is England, T-Shirt Weather in the Manor, GarageSkankFreestyle and A Roadman's Hymn were highlights from the older material, but it was the belated arrival of Class of Deja that nearly tore the roof off the venue.

Photography by. Gunjit Singh

One of the real distinguishing features of the show was the ensemble Kano performed alongside, which included everything from brass instruments to a choir. The latter stood out on closer SYM, one of the most intriguing and powerful tracks from HAS.

That was followed by an electric encore made up of Pan-Fried, 3 Wheels-Up and My Sound. By the end of the evening, Kano was holding the audience in the palm of his hand. An artist in his prime, this was undoubted confirmation of his greatness.

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