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  • Demi McPhillips - @demimcphillips

Currently My Favourite Trends Are...

To start things off, I felt it was only right to share with you guys all the latest Autumn/Winter trends I have been loving this season for your everyday wardrobe.


This is a no-brainer, it’s a trend that is everywhere at the minute and something that I don’t think is going to go anywhere just yet. Leather is must have in your wardrobe, whether that being a leather biker jacket or a solid pair of leather boots, everyone should be incorporating it somewhere in their wardrobe. This trend is probably the number one trend I would suggest investing in this season, as it is just so versatile and can worn in many different ways. If you invest in the right pieces, these things could see you through for many winters to come.

PU Trench Coat - Pretty Little Thing, £50

Tapered Jogger – ASOS, £30

Boilersuit – Missguided, £30

Shirt – Zara, £25.99


Right so there’s fur coats, and then there is statement fur coats. If you are looking for that stand out piece in your everyday wardrobe, then a fur coat is what you need this winter. Pastel colours seem to be reoccurring everywhere, whilst I’m still seeing neon furs, which means neon isn’t going anywhere just yet! Don’t be scared to venture into the world of colour, it’ll do no harm to your wardrobe and you will soon realise how versatile these pieces can be!

Orange/Red Fur – Monki, £65

Multi-coloured Zebra Print Fur – Topshop, £70

Neon Green Fur – Missguided, £60

Pink Long Line Fur – Daisy Street, £49.99


So this trend has definitely caught my eye this season. I remember a while back being obsessed with ‘over the knee boots’ and just feeling so good in them. I would of never of looked at a boot below the knee, as I thought it was something for a much elder woman and just wouldn’t suit me at all. I am not a major boot wearer anyway, they can often feel bulky and sometimes uncomfortable, but recently my views have changed. Below the knee boots are everywhere at the minute and I am obsessed! It gives me major chic 70’s vibes, and is again another stylish versatile item for your wardrobe this winter. If you want to look cute on an evening out but still keep warm this winter, then definitely check out my top picks below!

Turquoise Boots – Missguided, £50

Cowboy Boot – Public Desire, £49.99

Khaki Boots – Zara, £119.00

Vinyl Boots – Pretty Little Thing, £50


The fleece trend is back and definitely better this year. I know what you’re thinking, you wouldn’t be seen dead in a fleece, yeah I used to think the same. But again, this is a trend I am probably most excited about this year as this is something that is right up my street and I’m sure with my top picks you can also see the vision. It works as a great layering piece if you wanted to get creative, or it’s something that easy to throw on over any outfit. Another versatile must have for this season!

Knitted Jumper with Front Zip – H&M, £19.99

Colour Block Fleece – Monki, £25

Dusty Pink Borg Fleece – New Look, £19.99

Cream Front Pocket Fleece – Bershka, £19.99


As we are expecting harsher winters, this trend is one we can all embrace. You may think this isn’t a trend for you, but believe me when I say this is a trend for everyone. From the baker boy, to a typical beanie… there is plenty of choice. A modern twist on the bucket hat is something that seems to be recurring on the catwalk, redefining the casual accessory into something much more chic and stylish. This is a timeless accessory to invest in, and will add major character to your winter wardrobe.

Orange Fur Bucket Hat – Topshop, £10

Black Patent Bucket Hat – Stradivarius, £12.99

Brown Fur Hat – Boohoo, £14

Corduroy Bucket Hat – Zara, £15.99


If you are looking for the perfect layering piece this season… then this is it. Something a little bit thicker than a shirt, but thinner than a coat is perfect for the slightly warmer days and can really bring basic a look together. The oversized trend is really big at the minute, and this is the one piece you need to invest in achieve that look. And let’s be honest, if you are going to rock a least one print this season, then it is going to be check, right?

Green Check Shirt Jacket – ZARA, £49.99

Blue & Red Check Shirt Jacket - River Island, £60

Orange & Navy Check Shirt Jacket – H&M, £49.99

Black & White Check Shirt Jacket - H&M, £69.99

Are there any trends you’ve been loving at the moment? We would love to hear your thoughts. Also, be sure to keep up to date with all things fashion over on my socials and stay tuned for more style posts!

INSTAGRAM: @demi.m

TWITTER: @demimcphillips

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