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NEW: Asher D ft. D Double E, Big Tobz & P Money - Top Boy - Prod by. Swifta Beater - Directed by

Undoubtedly one of the most influential musicians and artists in UK music culture, Ashley Walters aka Asher D is following up his numerous powerful moves with a brand new, highly-anticipated release entitled 'Top Boy' which see's him join forces with UK Grime royalty D Double E, Big Tobz and P Money.

Photography by. Rackz Media

One of the key pioneers and breakthrough artists in the UK since his emergence with iconic, platinum-selling group So Solid Crew, breaking down barriers and elevating the culture, Ashley Walters had enjoyed OG status before the hit drama ‘Top Boy’ was released with fellow veteran Kano. With the latest season proving a modern cultural phenomenon, resurrected by superstar US rapper Drake, Asher D has decided that now is the perfect time make the long-awaited return to the mic with a moody, finessed new release that should prove as captivating as anything he has released in the past.

The new track came from the understanding of how much effect the TV show and the characters had on the culture, and how ingrained it is to the UK scene. A lot of people forget that I’m a musical artist as well so it's good to remind them. Finally, it feels like I can make some music that's going to fit in with what's going on right now. With a menacing beat from Birmingham’s Swifta Beater and high-calibre bars from some of the most highly-rated artists in the country right now in D Double E, P Money and Big Tobz, 'Top Boy' underlines just how much of a teacher in the game Asher remains.

Be sure to check out this dope new drop right now, and let us know if you're feeling it.

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