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NEW: Poundz - Opp Thot - Prod by. Hargo - Directed by. SP

Having independently tipped over 10 million YouTube views to date, South London rapper Poundz stands undeniably solid as an artist. Alongside his creative vision, endless dances that have taken over Instagram, cheeky character and a growing collection of killer tracks such as ‘Whose Laughing’, ‘Mourinho’ and ‘SkengBop’, all of which are accompanied by visceral cinematic visuals, which are as striking as they are intense, Poundz is a talented lyricist that has been getting everyone pumped for a hot minute now.

Partnering with one of the UK’s most influential and culture rich labels for his brand new single, ‘Opp Thot’ Poundz joins forces with Disturbing London for a fresh chapter in his rapidly developing story.

Teasing Instagram and his 125k followers with behind the scenes footage, video snippets and him even taking over a wedding party to practice the ‘Opp Thot’ moves, Poundz is already a seasoned master in the new world of music releases. With almost 300,000 views on the video snippets, Poundz is the prime example of todays artist and his shrewd business mind and impeccable talent aligns him perfectly for the success he’s set his mind on getting.

The infectious new track see's Poundz drop off rhymes over a Hargo production, while gifted videographer SP ensures that the hit comes in with a high quality music video. It's already doing up numbers, so be sure to jump on the wave from now, and let us know if you're feeling it.

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