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NEW: Vianni - PLT - Prod by. Luke Rapata - Visuals by No Colours - #Homerun

Best known for his breakthrough hit ‘Recognise’ which is fast approaching 12 million streams, Vianni is in the midst of making a major resurgence, and the return is due to hit new heights as he drops the brand new track entitled ‘PLT’, which previews the December 13th release of his second EP ‘Homerun’.

‘PLT’ showcases Vianni’s smoother-than-smooth vocal style which is perfectly matched by the slick, sensual grooves of the production. It captures his self-described genre of soul food – high end R&B infused with an undercurrent of dancehall and afro-swing. In essence, soul food is music that’s innately connected to one’s inner feelings, rather than a cynical way to ignite dancefloors. The six-track ‘Homerun’ EP spans the spectrum of emotions that Vianni has experienced throughout his relationships. With Vianni co-producing the majority of the tracks, each song is fastidiously fashioned as the collection moves distinctively through different sensations, creating a cohesive experience that’s constantly dynamic and never predictable.

Huge props must be sent out to Luke Rapata who has produced the instrumental for Vianni, while the team at No Colours have constructed a cinematic visual.

Be sure to check out 'PLT' below, and let us know your thoughts.

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