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NEW ALBUM: NBA Youngboy – Al Youngboy 2

YB seems to take everything in his stride, after having a rough year coming in and out of prison, it never seems to affect his work rate or hype. The legal struggles he goes through would be enough to put anyone off releasing music, but the rapper keeps bouncing back with more music and even bigger numbers. We haven’t received a full length project since 2018’s ‘Realer’ which dropped in December, the fans have been waiting on this one for a minute.

The rapper decided to release ‘Al Youngboy 2’ a day before its announced release date, nobody is complaining about this though. The tape is 18 tracks long and features his previously released ‘Slime Mentality’. The sequal to his 2017 ‘Al Youngboy’ contains only 2 features with Quando Rondo and NoCap. Promotion may become difficult for the artist as he is currently on house arrest, despite being able to record music from his home, he isn’t allowed to go to an outside studio, radio stations or any clubs.

You can steam ‘Al Youngboy 2’ below and share your thoughts with us.

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