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NEW MIXTAPE: Skengdo x AM - Back Like We Never Left

They're one of the hottest duo's in the UK rap game, let alone the Drill scene, and after a turbulent year of plenty of ups, whilst tackling some inconveniences along the way, Skengdo and AM are back delivering the heaviest content. It is time for us to take in a brand new project from the popular pairing, and this new mixtape holds the fitting title, 'Back Like We Never Left'.


1. Intro

2. Doing Up Map ft. BT

3. Not Shade

4. Crash x GBG ft. M24 & Stickz

5. Bakerloo

6. Back 4 Back 2.0

7. Tugg

8. Brixton Boy ft. Oxlade & Sneakbo

9. Don't Care

10. Trust Issues 2.0 ft Loud22

11. Someone's Son ft. Grizzy

12. 3 Jayslapit

13. Fully Auto ft. Lil Rass, Sparkz, Blackz & Y.AM

14. Trapping And Stacking ft. Rendo & TS

15. Talk About Smoke ft. PS & Hitsquad

16. Feds Skit

17. Wizards Of Waverly Place

They've been hard at work over the past few months. We have already been blessed with visuals for the 'Intro', 'Crash x GBG', 'Tugg', 'Trapping And Stacking', and more. Now, we can take in the project in full, from start to finish, and it is safe to say that the wait for a new project was most definitely worth it. There has been a huge buzz surrounding the duo, and after hyping the fans up with the release of visuals and singles, there is no doubt that this 17 track project will be getting love for months to come.

Be sure to take in 'Back Like We Never Left' right here at CGuk via the links provided, and let us know if you're feeling it.

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