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NEW: Tory Lanez – Watch For Your Soul - Prod by. DJ Bugsy

Earlier on in the week, Tory hinted that he would be bringing back his weekly ‘Fargo Fridays’ series and stated this would hold the fans over until he releases Chixtape 5. Lanez proves that he is a man of his word after gifts us with a new track ‘Watch For Your Soul’ from the Fargo Friday series. Ever since he started doing Fargo Fridays they have been a popular hit with his fans, I think it is down to the consistency of his music, the fact his audience knows they will receive a new track every Friday.

Tory Lanez admits he has dedicated this one to his childhood friend, “I haven’t really been the same since… so I felt it was more fitting to start the #FargoFridaySeries off with something dedicated to my family and friends that died last year and the years prior.” Tory has been putting in work this year and shows no sign of slowing down, we are just patently waiting on ‘Chixtape 5’ to drop any minute now.

You can listen to his new track ‘Watch For Your Soul’ below.

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