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  • Luis James - @LMJ_uk

NEW MIXTAPE: D-Block Europe – PTSD

Within the past year or so DBE have been heating up the streets with their music and new UK wave, sending their sound across Europe and now reaching America too. They have made it known that they want to carry the UK in translating our sound overseas and really making a worldwide name for themselves. Their recent collaboration ‘Nookie’ with Lil Baby showcases their ability to work with artists across the globe. Shortly after dropping their record with Baby, they announced their mixtape and now ‘PTSD’ is finally available to stream.

This tape serves as the follow up from ‘Home Alone’ which created a huge wave in the streets of the UK. The new project features records that we have previously heard like ‘Nookie’ and ‘Playing For Keeps’ and you can’t forget their huge hit single ‘Home Pussy’. As well as featuring Atlanta star Lil Baby, they have included some huge names on ‘PTSD’ such as; AJ Tracey, Krept & Konan, Dave, K-Trap, Chip and more.

You can stream ‘PTSD’ in full below and share your thoughts with CGuk.

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