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NEW VIDEO: Tion Wayne ft. JAY1 - 2 On 2 - Prod by. Maestro The Baker - Visuals by. OIM - #WaynesWorl

It's 'Wayne's World 3' time, and Tion Wayne has most definitely proved his worth over the past 12 months. Ever since returning, and setting the scene alight, the London rapper has done nothing but drop heat, and there is no doubt that the new project will be full of exactly that, from start to finish.

The track that has been pushed in to the limelight is the collaboration with current UK superstar, JAY1. We saw the pairing work alongside each other on the 'Keisha & Becky' remix, so it was only right that they joined forces another time for 'Waynes World 3'. With the project now available to the masses, it is '2 On 2' that is going to have everyone talking.

Huge props have to be sent out to the team at OIM Visuals, who have ensured this heater arrives with a music video that matches the same levels.

Check it out now, and be sure to stream 'Waynes World 3'.

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