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NEW: PnB Rock ft. Nicki Minaj & Murda Beatz – Fendi - Prod by. Murda Beatz

When people clock the features listed on PnB’s new record, they will be slightly confused to see Nicki in the title. Recently, the female rapper announced her retirement from the game, news that left man Barbs unhappy. Maybe this news will give them more hope, there were rumours about this record since Wednesday, when fans were speculating about a new PnB Rock record. Well just days on and we finally have the new single ‘Fendi’ featuring Nicki Minaj and Murda Beatz.

Despite, Minaj’ fans being pleased to hear new material from her, they still don’t know when her next album will be, we just know she has an album in the works. She states ‘It’s probably the most excited I’ve been about an album release in a long time. I’m happy that we’re not making my fans wait for another album, like I’ve done in the past.” Who knows if Nicki will stay in retirement until we hear the album? Stay posted on CGuk for more news.

For now, you can listen to PnB Rock’s new single ‘Fendi’ below.

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