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NEW: Smuggzy Ace - Different Class - Prod by. A-Jay Beats - Directed by. Gwil Doe

Here we have a brand new instalment from another one of Birmingham hot, upcoming talents. It has been a crazy 12 months for Smuggzy Ace, and after turning heads up and down the country, it is now time for us to appreciate the hard work he's been putting in the studio with the arrival of his latest single 'Different Class'.

The brand new single see's Smuggzy come through with those energetic flows which have built him such a strong reputation. But, this time round he has laced a production from A-Jay Beats. The duo have come together to create a track which is due to shut down any show, and it is no surprise that this one is already being well received by the listeners.

As per usual, the visuals are on point, and we must give props to the highly talented Gwil Doe, and the extensive production team who have curated such a high quality music video.

If you haven't done so already, then be sure to check it out below, and understand why Smuggzy is a 'Different Class'.

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