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NEW: M Huncho - Leader Of The Tribe Freestyle - Prod by. Quincy - Directed by. Myles Suave

He is one of the hottest rappers in the game right now, and after sending the scene in to frenzy with the release of 'Utopia' earlier this year, M Huncho is back with some fresh new content for us. This drop arrives in the form of a freestyle entitled 'Leader Of The Tribe', and it is no surprise that this one is already doing up numbers.

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It is no surprise that this new drop see's Huncho continue his work with trusty producer, Quincy. The duo have built a bond that cannot be replicated, and it has resulted in a unique wave which has resonated with music lovers across the globe. The flawless productions have continuously improved, while Huncho has executed the coldest raps time and time again. This one is no different, and it will most definitely have the fans calling for more music.

Once again, we have to send out props to Myles Suave who has directed, shot and edited yet another cinematic visual.

Check out the 'Leader Of The Tribe' freestyle below, and let us know your thoughts.

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